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Impact Data Systems

What we do

We provide the method to extract the data we need and use it to generate your reports. 

All you need is a web browser to access your reports. There is no need to buy and maintain additional hardware or software.

Our reports and services have been developed by leading teachers in the field of Behaviour for Learning to help schools through the Ofsted inspection process. They ensure that your school can provide any visitor or inspector with instant and accurate data to illustrate the impact of your existing strategies and any new initiatives.

Impact Data Systems works with schools to collect and assimilate behaviour, achievement, attendance and progress data into a format that can be easily analysed.

We use data that is locked away in the most commonly used systems in schools and delivers powerful online reporting. This data supports existing Behaviour for Learning strategies and allows schools to identify targeted groups such as SEN and FSM.

We offer an affordable and effective way of accurately monitoring and analysing your schools Behaviour for Learning data.

Contact us and we will give you access to a ‘demo’ reporting site.

Or, ask us for a free trial. We'll get you up and running in a week and you can use the service for a month with no further obligation.

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